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Let’s get back first to the past. This city was once famous for its Jewish culture. There are many people whose names history will never forget and Varsovians will always be proud of: Ludwig Zamenhoff, the inventor of Esperanto; Isaac Bashevis Singer (born Icchok Baszewis Singer), who won the Nobel Prize for literature are just two examples. The stories of the Warsaw Ghetto and the Uprising there, and of people like Janusz Korczak and Mordechai Anielewicz will leave you trembling. While the story of Oskar Schindler’s rescue of over a thousand Kraków Jews has become internationally famous with the release of the film Schindler’s List, a much less well-known story is that of Warsaw resident Irena Sendler, who actually saved more Jews than Schindler did. Her story is depicted in The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler. Last, but not least, it is worth mentioning one more person made famous by a Hollywood film: Władysław Szpilman, better known as The Pianist from Roman Polański’s film.

But there is more to Jewish Warsaw than the past. There is also the here and now – the living Jewish community with a synagogue, kindergarten, school, and the only regularly functioning Yiddish theatre in the world: the Ester Rachela Kamińska Jewish Theatre.

To discover all of this, just come and join us at the Sigismund Column at 2 pm on every even day and be ready for journey through times and emotions!

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  • “Bart's tour of Old Town was excellent”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on June3, 2016

    Bart was knowledgeable, interesting, and easy to talk with. Even when a hard rain began, he kept us dry inside a large church, teaching about the history of Warsaw while we wait for the storm to pass.

  • “Very Complete”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on June2, 2016

    The free walking tour in Warsaw is such a value. They have different themes and cover a good part of the city. Meet at the Sigmund Column, which is a long but doable walk from the train station, and…

    Rating: 5 Reviewed on June2, 2016

    I often see this tour going by my home and have tagged along for a few minutes from time to time. I learned things I didnt dream of. Who knew the Dali Llama was in my street sampling a down market…

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