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Let’s get in our time machine and head for the past. Imagine stepping into Warsaw just 30 years ago. The difference would be enormous! The streets, even in the summer, looked grey; there were no people in restaurants in the evenings; they served rather awful food in bars; there were big queues in front of every shop; and the new buildings were the blocks of flats that look rather like wardrobes. As for the people, they were not smiling at all… why would they? These were not very fun times. Well, that is not entirely true. Laughing was one of the ways to make this grey life into bit more bearable.

And so it is the dark age of communism (1945-1989) that we would like you to discover on our Communist Warsaw tour. We will show you communist-style architecture, beginning with the symbol of that era, the Palace of Science and Culture – a gift from Comrade Stalin himself. Then we will explore the model communist city centre, Plac Konstytucji, and the Communist Party headquarters, which was ironically called The White House. You will hear some famous urban legends of that period (was the White House really linked with the Palace of Culture and Science by a secret tunnel?). You will also get to know where the queues came from and learn about the absurdities of communist ideology and economics.

So, to know all this and more, do not hesitate and join us!

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  • “Bart's tour of Old Town was excellent”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on June3, 2016

    Bart was knowledgeable, interesting, and easy to talk with. Even when a hard rain began, he kept us dry inside a large church, teaching about the history of Warsaw while we wait for the storm to pass.

  • “Very Complete”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on June2, 2016

    The free walking tour in Warsaw is such a value. They have different themes and cover a good part of the city. Meet at the Sigmund Column, which is a long but doable walk from the train station, and…

    Rating: 5 Reviewed on June2, 2016

    I often see this tour going by my home and have tagged along for a few minutes from time to time. I learned things I didnt dream of. Who knew the Dali Llama was in my street sampling a down market…

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