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Just arrived in UB? Lived here for a long time without knowing its’ history? Visiting Mongolia for a short time? FINE. All works.

This tour includes:

National Museum of Mongolian History — And many more —

Traveler Reviews

  • “Best thing to do on first day at a new city”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on March7, 2016

    It all started as a simple thought a day before to have purposeless stroll around the new city I was in, to utilize an off day. Fortunate enough to meet Duluunaa and Togosoo of UB free walking tour…

  • “Excellent & informative”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on November7, 2015

    It was a chilly night but am so glad I came along. Very easy to understand and knowledgeable about UB & the country.A must to do if ever you are in Ulaanbaatar

  • “Wunderful”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on October 31, 2015

    I already walked around one day in Ulaanbaatar, but our guide showed me more interesting places. It was also great to hear from local people how they experience the developments in their country. So…

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Things to note

Tours run with a minimum of 5 guests as the guides are working on a donation-alone basis.
Flexible timing works for any large group with more than 10 walkers. Make sure to let us hear you more about your group.

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National History Museum
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