St. Lawrence Market Canadian Food Tour

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Beginning across from the famous St Lawrence Market, (established in 1803), your guide will take you on a short walk of the area to give you a sense of what the old Town of York was like and how the market developed over time to be one of the top attractions in this great city.

Upon entering the South Market Building, which houses the permanent vendors (unlike the seasonal vendors in the North Market Building), your guide will lead you to their very favourite spots and those that sell particular foods that tell the story of Canada’s settlement and the people who came from around the world to make this country their new home. Canadian food is very regional and this tour will cover the country coast to coast.

This is a free tour, but does not include any food except for small samples or tastings provided by some of the vendors. Your guide will recommend things to buy and try, but what you purchase is completely up to you! You can have a great experience spending $20 or less on food in the market, or you can go all out if you like.

This tour includes:

English-speaking guide — Learn some history of the St Lawrence Market area — Sample some amazing foods made in Canada — Meet some of the nicest vendors in the market — Buy a variety of foods to sample and share — Spend far less than you would on any other food tour! — Get to know the market with a local expert then explore more on your own until the market closes (6pm)

    Traveler Reviews

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On arrival

This walking tour starts across the street from the St Lawrence Market in front of the TD Bank, byt the sign for the Rainbow Cinema and the water fountain.

Things to note

There is no food included in this tour except for some small samples from some of the vendors (at their discretion). You can easily have a great experience spending $20 in the market. Buy what you want to try, pass on the rest. Bear in mind most food tours have a pre-set menu and cost upwards of $60. This is the most afordable and tasty way to experience the market!

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In front of the TD Bank by St. Lawrence Market
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