Vila Madalena

Tour information

For a neighborhood that breathes culture as Vila Madalena, the Bike Tour SP prepared a roadmap that shows the major museums, galleries, bars and graffiti the coolest part of the city. Moreover, Vila Madalena route is the first held with electric bikes Bike Sense, leaving the lighter and affordable path for participants of all ages. Experience the village with the Bike Tour SP!

This tour includes:

Museum House — The history of Vila Madalena — Parklets — The bars of Vila Madalena -Alley Apprentice Schoo — Ó Borogodó and Pau Brazil Bar — the names of the streets of Vila Madalena — Beco do Batman and graffiti in Brazil -Gallery Culture Shock — street carnival blocks of the villag — Instituto Tomie Ohtak

Traveler Reviews

  • “Awesome way to see/do São Paulo!”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on March 13, 2016

    Bike Tour SP offers free tours of one hour each through various parts of the city. They do request you bring 2kg of food per person (we bought a kilo of rice and a kilo of beans) for them to donate…

  • “Great bike trip!”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on August 14, 2015

    We booked 2 bikes for the Vila Madalena tour. The registration was easy and there were no complications. Once we arrived, 30 minutes in advance as they asked us to, the crew was already there with…

  • “Maravilhoso! Wonderful.”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on March 15, 2015

    Passeio maravilhoso e gratuito.Wondeful and free ride. There are 4 destinations to know São Paulo riding a bike. More information:

On arrival

In front of the museum ACASA — Avenida Pedroso de Morais, 1216.

Things to note

The tour is FREE , just ask the donation of 2 kg of non-perishable food per participant which is reverted to NABEM (Healthcare Center Bezerra de Menezes) .
Minimum age 18 unaccompanied or 15 years with authorization by writing responsibility.
We take care of children aged 1 to 5 years (21kg) with the seats that will be provided by us. Children must be accompanied by depend responsible for the availability of children’s bikes. participants must use the bicycle and helmet provided by the bike Tour SP team.

1. Participants must be at the agreed place 30 minutes before the scheduled time;
2. We encourage the participant to come dressed in appropriate clothing to practice sports;
3. It is important that the participant has fed half an hour before the scheduled time of departure of the tour;
4. It is important that the participant is rested, to have a good performance on the tour;
5. It is essential that the participant knows cycling.

Working days

Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
From 09:00 to 10:00
Av. Pedroso de Morais, 1216
Сан-Паулу SP BR
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