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We want you to misbehave a little and escape the Disneyland core of the Historic Centre. We want you to see what you were not supposed to. We want you to hear stories from people you shouldn’t even know existed. We want you to experience the hidden bits of Salvador where Bahians will go about their daily lives despite of tourists, not because of them. We want you to see, feel, and be a part of the Old Town’s B-side in its full glory.

This tour includes:

Hidden bits of Salvador — Photographers — Locals

Traveler Reviews

  • “Best walking tour in Salvador! ”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on March6, 2016

    There is nothing better than wandering the streets where there are few tourists and the real life of Salvador can be found. Starting in Pelourinho and continuing to less well known parts of the city…

  • “Interesting and informative tour”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on February2, 2016

    Loved the free walking tour. It was nice to do something a little different and not just follow the touristy path. Our guide was so passionate about the city and really informative. Highly recommend.

  • “A great tour — showing the real beauty of Salvador ”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on January 20, 2016

    Pedro the guide is brilliant and shows you a different side to Salvador than the guide books suggest you see. A side that is absolutely worth seeing.Honesty, beautiful people and interesting…

On arrival

What to Wear: trekking boots, light tank-top and shorts, sunglasses; check weather forecast for additional raincoat.
What to Bring: water bottle, snack money, money belt to conceal your valuables (phone, money etc).

Things to note

Suggested Tip: anything from R$20 to…

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From 15:00 to 17:45
Steps just outside Fundação Casa de Jorge Amado
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