Campeche Island Tour

Tour information

This tour boasts of being one the most popular one in Florianopolis since the Island of Campeche only allows limited amount of people each time. The island is located right in front of the beach of Campeche in the southern region, and can only be partly visited do to permanent preservation. You’ll have the choice of two restaurants that both specialize in seafood and home-cooked delicacies. The 40 minute walk on the island will reveal stories and show the typical vegetation of the cliffs in the East. To the side of the small beach, which is only accessible by boat, the tour will offer dive runs with durability of about 40 minutes. Equipment is included!

This tour includes:

English-speaking guide — Boat Ride — Commentary — Equipment — Campeche island

    Traveler Reviews

  • “Wouldn't recommend”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on February8, 2016

    I found the guide to be very unprepared — no cell phone / first aid kit etc. Be walked ahead of myself & the other girl on the trail. On the beach he explained he got there late so there was no…

  • “Two great tours in two days”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on November 25, 2015

    We had a group of about 8 of us, and two tour guides to split between us. Mike and Alberto were very kind in our activities, making sure we were fed and entertained. (The VIP car especially) First…

  • “rolê de Bike”
    Rating: 5 Reviewed on March 31, 2016

    Gostei do passeio e da liberdade dada pelos instrutores mesmo os mesmos estando sempre por perto para ajudar.

On arrival

The meeting point is at R. Henrique Veras do Nascimento, 260 — Lagoa da Conceição.

Things to note

We recommend that you bring swimming clothes, a towel, extra money for meals, wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen on a sunny day! Kon Adventure seeking guests who want to participate in our tours at the hotel, hostel or guesthouse. The price for this service depends on your location.

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R. Henrique Veras do Nascimento, 260 - Lagoa da Conceição
Florianópolis SC BR
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